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Joining Forces Symposium EM1
Negative-stained amyloid fibers

Joining Forces Symposium, June 19-20, 2017

Protein Aggregation in Health and Disease

The symposium will be devoted to emerging concepts of "reversible and pathological protein aggregates in health and disease". While protein aggregation has historically been viewed as an irreversible pathology, recent evidence suggests that aggregation of several proteins is a reversible, highly-regulated physiological process used by cells to adapt to stress conditions. These exciting developments raise new questions about the structural and cellular differences between reversible and irreversible aggregates, and may provide new oportunities to better understand disease progression and exploit cellular mechanisms used to clear harmful aggregates. We have thus assembled a number of experts who work on the biophysics and structural analysis of protein aggregates, their physiological and pathophysiological functions, as well as the development of methods to detect and characterize protein aggregates in vivo and in vitro.  

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